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La Paella, Amsterdam April 28, 2018

Posted by hslu in China.

The world famous red light district of Amstetdam is a mere 5-minute walk from the central station in the city center of Amsterdam.

We took a half-day Kuekendof tour on a sunny afternoon and got back in town a little after 7 pm. Our bus dropped us off across the street from the central station which put us right in front of the red light district.

Amsterdam’s red light district, I was told, has 200+ sex workers who are sanctioned by the government and are allowed to offer their services from behind ~3′ wide windows or glass doors. On the outside of thse windows/glass doors, a dim red light at the top of the window illuminates the narrow allies in the red light district and invites curious tourists to take a peek of what’s going on here.

Tourists flocking the narrow allies of Amsterdam’s red light district.

Famous Amsterdam canals in the evening.

These red light windows are in the corridors around an old but empty church.

It was a very busy Saturday night and many restaurants and bars were packed with young and sometimes rowdy customers. We hardly saw any kids here which was understandable. Tables and chairs lined both sides of the walkways offering a relaxed setting for a good time, a wonderful meal and a memoriable evening.

We chose a tapas restaurant not far from Dam Square and we weren’t disappointed. The restaurant was busy, service was timely, the food was great, wines and drinks flowed freely, the atmosphere was warm and the setting was cozy.

We could see what the chefs were doing from the outside. The kitchen was clean and the chefs inside worked like pros.

Waiting for our drinks.

The crowd in front of the restaurant.

One of many artworks in the dining room.

Here are what we have ordered:

Bread with garlic butter.

Sangria: 1/2 carafe

Chorizo espanol: great with sangria.

Roasted mushroom in garlic butter. Lots of shallots and garlic and the mushrooms were soaked in butter. The way it should be.

Stuffed peppers: unlike the ones we’ve had before. Very rich, very tempting and very good with bread.

The whole shabang and, IMO, the best paella on the menu. When the restaurant is called La Paella, we know that we have to try one. We had the classic valenciana paella. Lots of seafood and well seasoned Valencian rice.

We skipped Creme brulee and went for banana flambre in rum thinking about table side service with lots of brown sugar and plenty of rum. Well, that wasn’s what we got. Even though we did have flame for about 5 seconds. Disappointed. But I knew that list price on the menu was way to low for a real flame show.

BTW, it was awful: watery, a few pieces of banana, sugary and a complete waste of money.

Well, it was a dessert.

But, don’t make the same mistake I made.


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