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1.34 million October 26, 2017

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That’s number of officials at every level of the Chinese government who have been arrested, tried, jailed and stripped of power by Xi Jinping since 2012.

The extensive nature of this anti-corruption purge was necessary because graft in the Chinese governments and military forces prior to 2012 were so severe that Chinese citizens have lost confidence in the Communist Party. 

Bribery, embezzlement, kickback, hush money, shaddy conducts, extortion and cash for stars (rank) in the military were so rampant that the entire nation was mired in severe materialistic satisfications and unchecked addictive buying. 

The materialistic mindset affected the psysche of the Chinese people who, with their new found fortune, have blindly pushed up prices of luxury goods all over the world. Aquisitions of LV bags, Hermes, Cartier, Gucci, Chanel, Armani, Tiffany, Rolex, wines from Château Latour, maotai (茅台酒), western and Chinese artworks, Ferrari, Porsche, Benz, BMW, and luxury apartments in cities all over the world were all the rage of the entire soceity.

Previous leaders have their hands tied and have lost control of the Communist Party. It was widely recognized inside and outside of China that something has to be done to right the ship before it rocked the foundation of the nation.

After five years working tirelessly at this thorny issue, Xi Jinping at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China can point to these 1.34 million criminals and show the Chinese people this unprecedented accomplishment in recent Chinese history.

Call it whatever you want, power grabing, purging of the opposition, one thing which can’t be denied is that the mindsets of common Chinese people have changed. Gone is the mindless pursuit of materialistic satisfication which I have observed first hand in Shanghai and cities I have traveled. In its place has been a return of sensible life style and a living within your means and saving for the raining days attitude. Binge buying still exists but it certainly isn’t widely spread like it used to. Government officials have pulled their horns for fear of being reported by regular people. Luxury hotels and 5-star restsurants all over China have gone out of business. Prices of fancy goods have dropped because of lack of demand. Even the officials of the central government have reduced un-necessary wasteful spending when treating foreign diginitaries. 

One has to wonder that can this kind of success be achieved in a democratic system in such a short period? With 關係and 關說 so prominent in Taiwan, can this kind of purge be done in Taiwan?

Highly unlikely.


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