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16 more years or $3 trillion spent August 22, 2017

Posted by hslu in China, Cold War, 美國, Global Affair, Muslim, Russia, Trump, U.S. Foreign Policy.
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The U.S. has been fighting against some people in Afghanistan for 16 yesrs.

Trump has said that there will be no timetable to withdraw American GI’s and they will be there for as long it’s necessary.

So will America be out of Afghanistan 16 years from now?

Since time will no longer be the deciding factor to pull American troops out from Afghanistan, may be it is wise to set a dollar limit instead. America should begin pull its troops out as spending on Afghanistan reaches $1.5 trillion. The pace should increase as spending passes $2 trillion. When the cost of Afghanistan war reaches $3 trillion, all American soldier should be out of that country forever. 

However, let’s not forget that another reason America is in Afghanistan is that a military presence in that region is part of America’s “Pivot to Asia” strategy designed to contain China. Its military installation there also serves as a monitoring post on Russia as well.

As to the “nation building” business in Afghanistan, as long as greenbacks continues to flows into that country, its nation is being built by American tax dollar no matter how Trump denies it.



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