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Will South Korea’s Moon reshape its military relations with US? July 6, 2017

Posted by hslu in Cold War, Global Affair, Military, U.S. Foreign Policy.
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I didn’t know until now that South Korea doesn’t have control of its own military at time of military conflict.

Totally inconceivable.

With a nominal GDP of almost $1.5 trillion (ppp ~$2 trillion) and a 2.7% GDP growth rate, South Korea no doubt can afford a modern military force.

It goes to show that when someone else is feeding you, you (S. Korea) become lazy and easily satisfied with what you have. I call this 不長進。

At the same time, while America deliberately makes South Korea relying on the U.S. to keep North Korea at bay, America has the perfect reason to stay in Korean peninsula to keep an eye on China and Russia.

South Korea should take a look of what Israel is doing to defend itself from its enemies.

S. Korea’s GDP is almost 5 times bigger than that of Israel.

Let’s see what Moon can do in the next four years. Trump is tired of paying for it. Why don’t you take it over and let the U.S. go?


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