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Fundamental attribution error and inequality July 6, 2017

Posted by hslu in Economics, education, Social Issues.

Do you think poor people are poor because of their own bad choices? Are you biased because you have such a disparaging view on people of lower social status?


The article didn’t talk about public policies which are partly responsible for creating the inequality in the first place. Requring food stamp holders to work for benefits they receive from the tax payers will reduce the number of people in the program. A recent report documented this.

Unless someone is didabled, ask him/her to work for his/her benefit will help build his/her character and working experience so that he/she can return back to the workforce and make a honest living instead.

People in general are lazy by nature. Just ask those people who make new year resolution to lose weight year after year. They just couldn’t do it because they are in most cases lazy. Exercise is hard. Eating a piece of pie is so much easier.



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