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When Tai Power speaks April 25, 2017

Posted by hslu in Life in Taiwan, 林口.
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You better listen. And listen good.

Tai Power is 台灣電力公司 in Chinese or 台電 in short. It is the one and only electric company for Taiwan. It is owned by the government and manages three nuclear power plants, multiple oil and gas fired power plants through out the island and several hydraulic power plants in the mountains. It is also responsible for providing electric power to residents, businesses and industrial clients.

About 3 weeks ago, we saw a post at our apartment building informing the residents that there would be a power outage on a Tuesday for about three hours. I didn’t pay too much attention to the note because it wouldn’t be a big deal based on our experience back in VA. At most, it would only be a minor inconvenience at most. 

Well, was I wrong about not acting on the notice.

After power came back to the building, my refrigerator quit working, two 20A circuit breaker popped and had to be replaced and a surge protector was toasted. Six other refrigerators in the building also stopped working and one family’s A/C stopped working too. We called Hitachi and a service technician came to our rescue. I told him the problem. He said that he knew what the problem was. He replaced the faulty parts (two small fuses on a circuit board got burned), charged me $500 NTD ($16 US) and did the same for 2 other Hitachi refrigerators in the building. Other families had to call their refrigerator manufactures to fix their problems. 

    Our construction company agreed to call an electrician to change out the faulty circuit breakers and foot all repair bills because it appeared that something went wrong with building’s uninterrupt power supply system. The construction company also agreed to find out what the problem was and fix it to our satisfaction.

    People also told me that when Tai Power spoke, I better listen and be prepared to unplug appliances to guard against possible power surge. I decided to install surge protectors on important electric equipments to add a level of protection no matter who was at fault. Apparently similar situations had happened to other people before and by issuing the notice before power was cut off, Tai Power in essence forewarned its customers to do the necessary to avoid damages.

    If you don’t, Tai Power will not be held responsible in any shape and form.



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