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家家有本難念的經 April 24, 2017

Posted by hslu in Culture, 美國, Taiwan, Trump.
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Turmoil in the Trump house? 

Everyone can see it clearly in public display except Trump and the White House. Don’t you think it is odd when you didn’t see Trump’s wife by his side?

Arguing in the White House bedroom? Gold laced dishes flying? Kitchen knifes throwing? American’s “national curse” exchanging? Kung-fu fighting to finish the argument in the end?

Flies on the wall, anybody? Where is NSA when it is needed the most?

Let’s talk this unique opportunity to talk about America’s “national curse”, 國罵,shall we?


眾所皆知,美國的國罵是”Fxxx Yxx”。美國國罵簡單易學,直截了當,像一支利劍,一劍一個洞,洞洞見血。所有美國白人小孩都會,而且運用自如,一觸即發。


除了掛在嘴邊,隨時可以吐出來以外,這個國罵還可以用一個 sign language 來表示。左手,右手一樣好用。簡單,明瞭,絕不含糊,也不會被被罵的人誤解。小孩會。小學生會。中學生會。大學生也會。奸商也會。政客尤其精通。

May be it will come out one of these days. We are patient and we’ll wait.



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