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$795.96 億新臺幣 = 4.28% April 18, 2017

Posted by hslu in Taiwan.

$795.96億新臺幣 = $79,596,000,000 new Taiwan dollar = $2.623 billion USD @ $30.3451 新臺幣/USD.

Source: CM News

What the heck is 4.28% anyway?

4.28% is the estimated percentage of water which could be saved after spending $2.623 billions USD over 10 years fixing Taiwan’s water infrastructure.

Source: CM News

Who is doing the spending and repair? The Taiwanese government.

Why is it necessary for that kind of spending?

Every day, about 18.53% of the water pumped by Taiwan’s water authority is lost through leakage in the pipeline networks and poor maintenance practices. That’s a lot of water if you ask me.

18.53% – 4.28% = 14.25%.

What that means is that one in every seven gallons of the clean and fresh water in the pipeline networks fails to reach the consumer at the end of ten years.

How pathetic. How sad. 

That’s not a very profitable way to do business, is it? Do they even make money or do they rely on the government to stay in the business?

What’s going to happen to that 14.25% after 10 years? 

14.25% ÷ 4.28% = 3.33

3.33 x $2.623 billion USD = $8.74 billion USD = $2,650.5 億新臺幣。

That’s a lot of money if the Taiwanese government wants to stop the leaks completely assuming they can be fixed in 30 more years.



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