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Like teacher, like student March 15, 2017

Posted by hslu in education, Globlization.

When a country’s teachers aren’t qualified to teach, students don’t get the education they need to compete with students from other countries. In time, this country’s standing in the world declines.

This is common sense.

Sadly, some American teachers are ill prepared to teach as reported by Fox News. Many of these underqualified teachers are blacks and Latinos. 

American students have consistently failed to compete with their counterparts abroad on subjects such as science and math.
In fact, among all 15 years old students from 70 countries around the world, American’s first year HS students rank 24th on reading, 25th on science and 40th on math. Those are pretty sorry scores if you ask me.

What the federal and local governments have done in the past was throwing money at the problem but ignoreing pressing issues such as teachers’s qualification, class order, students’ learning attitude, parent participation, single parent households and recognition by the soceity that education is one of the most important keys to improve a person’s standing in the soceity.

Instead, communities around the U.S. focus on such issues as:

(1)how late should school start in the morning so that students can get more sleep before catching their buses, 

(2)how many hours school bus drivers should get so that it is easier to keep drivers stay on the payroll, 

(3)reducing number of students in a classroom as if smaller classes will definitely improve students’ learning,

(4)should school district bus colored students to schools with more white students in order to achieve racial balance across differen locations of a school district,

(5)should school stop grading students because it hurts students’s feeling,

(6)should school district reduce school hours because too much time in school hurts students’ ability to study, and

(7)should school be cancelled because weather forecast calls for an inch of snow overnight?

Whether students learn anything isn’t very important to school officials. They say it is important. But they don’t care. 

No wonder America in in decline because the U.S. is rotten from within.



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