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Is Sessions on the way out? March 12, 2017

Posted by hslu in Election, Liberal Media, Politics, Trump, US Government.
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Trump may be wise to let Sessions go if he intends to govern with a clean slate. If Trump continues to support Sessions, which he will, he will likely face an even bigger crisis if more leaks are reported by the media.

Sessions recused himself from all investigations into Russian influence on Clinton’s campaign is a de facto admission of guilt. 

Trump of course will defend Sessions till the end because of his big ego. Yet, Trump’s first fifty days looks like an exercise of putting out fires which seemed to keep poppin out with every news article on Russian Ambassador by WP or NYT.

The way it is going so far, it appeared that almost everyone in Trump’s inner circle has met with Russia’s ambassador to the U.S. The instruction must have come from the very top. That’s why many reporters are digging deep to find that big smoking gun. They won’t stop until it is found.

Trump’s lack of experience on how government works, his naive believe that he soon would be the president of the U.S. which gave him the right to do what he wanted, his intention to improve relationship with Russia and his big ego probably led him to ask his close friends to contact Russian Ambassador before he moved into the White House. 

His denail, Sessions’s denail and Sessions’s apparent lie under oath gave the left a perfect incentive to dig further.

Left’s attack on Sessions will not stop and Trump may eventually be trapped by more denails until the liberal media contradict these lies with more leaks from inside the White House or Trump’s Justice Department.

The left has formed a powerful alliance to trash Trump. They have smelled blood and they will not stop until Trump breaks down. 

This moment mya be around the corner.



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