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One China policy prevails February 10, 2017

Posted by hslu in China, Politics, Taiwan, Trump.
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There you have it. Former Senator Dole made $140,000 and Trump played Taiwan’s 蔡英文 like a chip with nothing to show of. 


It is wise for Trump to walk back from his anti-China tweets. If he doesn’t, the consequence will be overwhelming and the China-U.S. relationship will be repair.

Trump’s anti-China tone has softened a lot from his tweets before taking the oath about 3 weeks ago.

Maybe he learned from his mistake from that “worst phone call” with Australian PM earlier or maybe he realized that he can’t be the tweets-in-chief forever.

I believe that after considerable discussion among Trump’s advisors, clear heads prevailed and they agreed to take this Issue off the table. However, we don’t know what else they have agreed upon over the phone.

Although China-U.S. relationship under Trump got off without incident, the spark is by no means over. Let’s just hope that Trump has the sense to negotiate the Issues behind the closed doors instead of acting like a 5-year old brat bad mouth people who don’t agree with him.


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