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They all want more February 9, 2017

Posted by hslu in Congress, Global Affair, Military, US Government.
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On average, America spent ~$660 billion a year for the past 10 years (to 2015) on defense, excluding special items. 

Yet, 60% of U.S. Navy’s F/A-18 Hornet are not ready for combat operation. Worse, 74% of U.S. Marine Corp’s F – 18 are not ready for combat. Each of the military branches has asked for $30 billion more for fiscal year 2017.

What was all these outrageous spending of tax dollars on killing machines for: defending the U.S. from its enemies like ISIS? Are you kidding? 
Will North Korea send a few missiles to the U.S.? Not likely.

Will Iran’s Revolution Guard attack U.S. interests abroad? It won’t.

Will Russia send in its aircraft carrier to attack America? Not a chance.

Will China attack the U.S. any time soon? Its only aircraft carrie is still doing training rounds.

All the military spending by the U.S. had only one purpose: to bully other countries around, militarily and politically, when it benefitsAmerica’s national interests.

So, which social programs will be cut this October to support the build up of America’s Armed Forces? 

Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps or the Education budget. Take your pick.

Maybe it is all the above. And a few others.



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