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A letter to China? February 9, 2017

Posted by hslu in China, Global Affair, Trump.
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Was this a change of heart by Trump because he wanted to start the negotiation of China-U.S. trade relationship on a positive note?

Or was this a conspiracy by Navarro because he has a very sharp knife hidden behind the seemingly innocent opening salvo? Chinese call this kind of insidious tactic; 笑裏藏刀.

Isn’t it strange that someone in the White House told Trump to send a “belated” Chinese New Year well-wishes to China 12 days after the year of the rooster began?

And the strangest thing of them all is this: how come Trump stopped tweeting his real feelings about China? Was it because China’s official Xinhua news agency said that using Twitter to conduct foreign policy, the so-called Trump’s “Twitter Diplomacy” is undesirable. 

Although this official opinion was expressed in Chinese, I am sure Trump’s granddaughter can translate that for him.



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