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Let the war begin February 7, 2017

Posted by hslu in Islam, Liberal Media, Middle East, Trump.

The more Americans fight each other within its own border, the more people around the world can enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime show. It can’t get any better than Trump vs California.

Democrats against Republicans.

Liberals against conservatives. 

Citizens against illegals. 

Whites against non-whites. 

States against the federal government. 

Trump against people he doesn’t like. 

Trump against companies he doesn’t like. 

Trump against special interest groups he hates. 

Trump against Immigrants.

Trump against Muslims.

Trump against environmental movements. 

Trump against judges.

Trump against Obama.

Trump against Clintons.

Trump against news media.

Trump against Hollywood celebrities.

White House needs a separate war room just to keep up with all the fights Trump started. Someone in the WH needs to keep a tally of Trump’s tweets and a scorecard of where each fight is at. Trump might also need a special office next to Vice President’s cubicle in case the VP is needed to put out fires Trump started. 

Let the war begin.



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