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A country deeply divided February 7, 2017

Posted by hslu in Election, Islam, Muslim, Obama, Politics, Racial Bias, Trump.
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In a recent blog I talked about discrimination against Muslims because of Trump’s immigration ban.

I also said that the next one on the line is Latinos. Chinese 3rd and Indians 4th.

Lo and behold, this came along.

I am almost certain that the customers in that piece are white Americans.

Would you care to guess who got this started in the first place?
Discrimination was and still is something many Asians (Latinos, Indians and Africans) immigrants have to face either at work or in their daily lives. Of course we all know that African Americans are still fighting an ugly uphill battle.

Under Trump, the mood in the U.S. now is conducive to extreme discrimination. What is scary and most unfortunate is that some people fell so emboldened that they actually wear that badge on their sleeves. 

What will America be like four years from now? If Trump continues to act like a bully, Democrats will likely win back the Senate and dent Republican’s advantage in the House in 2018. In November 2020, Democrat will have an easy fight against Republican too. 

Obama pushed America to the extreme of social liberalism and got Democrat thoroughly defeated at the voting booth last year. Trump is leading America to the opposite direction and he will face his judgement day in time. 

Most Americans had no choice but took the roller coaster ride with the so-called Commander in Chief in the name of Democracy. What did they get from their elected officials at the highest level of the government other than complete and utter disgust of the system?

No wonder ‘God Bless America’ was sung at Superbowl half time show because America is in such a chaos. 

But which America?



1. jonolan - February 7, 2017

So what? Americans are not required to engage in commerce with people or groups they dislike, especially ones such as Mexicans – of any residency status – who’ve proven time and time again that their loyalties are not with- and to- America, its people, and its culture.


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