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The anti Trump snowball gets bigger February 5, 2017

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Trump’s travel ban is attracting more attentions in the news media and none of them is welcome news to the Trump administration. The anti Trump sentiment will get bigger as the media fans the fire around the world. 

In the end, Trump will lose the fight.

Source: Mirror

Trump’s brand new immigration policy, his “beautiful, physical” wall to be built along the Mexico-America border and his “America first” trade war against its trading partners are telling the world that America no longer welcome outsiders. 

America, the de facto bully in the world for the past 70 years, took advantages of foreign countries’ natural resources, exploited their cheap labors, sold everything to the world and made money hand over fist.

Gradually America got lazy and took everything for granted. Union made many American industries ill prepared for competition from foreign companies. American managers were more concerned about next quarter’s earnings that they forgot what vision was. They were so short-sighted that they failed to see the major trends governing their respective industries.

Along the way, many Americans forgot how to work for a living as government handouts became their way of life. The federal government became the great wealth equalizer as more and more tax dollars went to people who didn’t have the necessary skill to contribute to the soceity. They became a burden to the economy and dragged the productivity down. Individuals and companies saw their taxes go up not only to carry these people along but also to pay for the military machine and several bloody wars.

Slowly, American industries disappeared. They either moved to a foreign country and invested capitals there or they lost billions and died a slow death. The ones which stayed had to modernize their operations with robots and got rid of workers who demanded generous sick leaves, hourly coffee breaks, paid maternal leaves, paid holidays, vacations, matched benefits in 401(k) and pensions after retirement. 

Then came Trump. 

He didsn’t want to solve the real problem but to blame foreign competitions for America’s failure. His message resonant with electorals in the rust belt and Hillary’s baggage and dishonesty pushed Trump into the WH.

Once there, he showed his true color and acted like a bully instead of a statesman. His big mouth, his irresponsible tweets and his abrasive personality made him an easy target for people on the left and in the middle left. He is also hated by people from many foreign countries because of his radical and destructive policies.

With media turning against Trump, with opposition brewing in Republican’s own backyard and with legal trouble mounting in the court, demand on Trump to change will be unrelenting. 

A snowball with Trump’sname on it is rolling but Trump is busy tweeting at the bottom of the hill.



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