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Not for the prime time? February 4, 2017

Posted by hslu in Global Affair, Islam, Muslim, Obama, Obamacare, Trump.
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Balance of power is at stake in the U.S. after a Washington state judge blocked Trump’s executive order to ban travelers and Immigrants from seven Muslim countries. 

Usually, the minority party, Democrat in this case, is tasked to do the opposition. However, the Democrat was severely weakened after eight years of Obama and soundly defeated at all government levels with Hillary at the top of the ticket. They don’t have the House and they don’t have the Senate which leaves the judicial branch the last resort to counter Trump and his executive orders. 

Such is the case eight years ago when Obama, Reid and Pelosi rammed Obamacare through both houses because Democrats had the House and the Senate. Check and balance failed the American people because Republicans were powerless to mount any meaningful opposition even though majority of the American people opposed the law. Of course, Chief Justice Roberts made Obamacare legitimate after he ruled that money collected from violating the “Individual Mandate” a tax, not a fine. 

Trump’s executive order is being questioned by the court even though the order was designed to keep potential terrorists out of American’s soil for a period of time. Although, it is obvious to almost everyone that the overwhelming majority of the terrorists are muslims, ethnic profiling made Trump’s order an obvious target for liberal judges.

The fight between the executive branch and the judicial branch will continue for some time and it appears that Trump will not prevail in this fight. Of course, this is my opinion and it is by no means a prediction.

The longer the hoopla plays out at airports around the world, the more heated the legal fights wage in the courthouses and the more Trump tweets out words like ‘outrageous’ and ‘bad’ on Twitter, the more these events reveal that Trump and his hand-picked team is ill prepared for the prime time on the Internet and on the news media.

Well, while “check and balance” is at the center of this debate, national security is taking a back seat from the reality show. 

Americans and the world are watching as the legal drama and non-stop protest play out on live TV and on the Internet. I am willing to bet a bowl of beef noodle soup (牛肉麪) that majority of people, terrorists included, want Trump coming out of this fight a loser.



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