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I told you so February 1, 2017

Posted by hslu in Trump.
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​It came way sooner than I thought.


Which country after Iran will be the next to stand up against Trump’s traveling ban? Iraq or Libya? Take your pick. 

It was Iraq.

What about the Iran nuclear deal signed by Obama? Is the nuclear deal on the chopping block too? What comes next with Trump on Iran:return of the economic sanction, freeze of Iranian funds in the U.S. or both?

For every action, there is a reaction. Trump doesn’t seem to understand that. 

Some reactions fly by everyone’s face without causing a ripple. Others have a way of spiraling out of control when no one is watching. Trump’s traveling ban of visitors from seven muslim countries has become a torrential rain storm which might teach him a lesson. 

Trump the mouthy candidate got away with saying things which were inflammatory and irresponsible. Since his election victory, Trump has been acting like a spoiled brat picking fights with everyone who dislike him. 

Democrats don’t like him. The media doesn’t like him. Some moderate Republicans don’t like him. Half of the American people in the middle of the political spectrum don’t like him. Most muslims in the world don’t like him. People in many countries which trade with the U.S. don’t like him. 

 Trump the president will find out the hard way that he doesn’t always get what he wants because he isn’t the boss anymore. Congress tells him what he can and can’t buy. American people will show him their displeasure by demonstrating in front of the WH. Media will criticize his policy and his every move day in and day out. Trump’s tweets will be attacked and Trump’s words will be denounced on the web, on the radio and on TV programs. Foreign countries will balk at Trump’s unreasonable demands and unfair trade policies. Worse, America’s enemies will be emboldened to harm Americans and America’s interests in the U.S. and in foreign countries.

Well, Trump manages to make many enemies within the first week of his presidency and many will fight him tooth and nail to the end. 

Will Trump back down from his ridiculous positions? Will he stop listening to his radical political appointees? Will he chage his radical approach and think through the reactions before acting out like a spoiled child?

I am afraid that Trump will likely stick to his unpopular positions and drag America through the mud in a bottomless pit. He’ll make very few good deals but he’ll ruin the lives of many American people and put America in a dark corner with few friends and no future. 


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