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Kura Sushi, Linkou Mitsui Outlet January 16, 2017

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Everytime when we passed by this sushi joint in the basement of the Mitsui Outlet in Linkou, we saw a line of 10 to 20 people waiting to get in. One sign says $40 NTD a plate. Another sign says no Takeout and no outside food.

The line got longer after we finish our dinner.

Since we came here in mid November, we have not had any sushi because it isn’t our first choice on food. Well, we will make an exception today.
Since we came earlier than the rush hour, we didn’t have to wait for too long. The young houstess asked us whether we’ve been here before. Since we haven’t, she went on to explain the rules: each plate on the conveyor belt is $40新臺幣. Some dishes cost us $80. After we finish 5 plates, we have a chance to win free price. If we want to order something off the menu, we can use the tablet to do it. Lastly, we only have one hour to finish our dinner.

Well, so be it. We just have to eat fast.

Some dishes offered here.

Use this to place orders not on the belt.



每吃五盤,這個東西就會自己啟動,跟賭城的video slot 一樣。幾秒鐘以後就告訴你有沒有得獎。如果沒有,吃夠了兩百塊新臺幣以後再來。




臺灣的菜,不論是熱炒,麵和壽司,味道一般比在VA 或 MD 吃到的要淡。


這一盤八十塊。兩個盤子。我們沒試。看起來跟四十塊錢的差不多。東西的成本應該是比較貴。加上我對生的scallop 並沒有什麼興趣。我寧願吃用 butter, garlic,shallot 和 white wine 煎出來的 with lemon wedge on the side. Add salt and pepper to the taste and sprinkle some parsley on the top.

Sushi was fresh but nothing to write home about. Nothing fancy and nothing delicate. All are basic sushies which we can find at every sushi restaurant. We had 10 dishes which gave us two chances to win free sushi. We failed on both tries.
After our meal, all I could remember was that we had a lot of rice.

It is not likely that we will come back anytime soon.



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