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This is what’s wrong with the U.S. January 13, 2017

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Source: BBC News.

This isn’t the only one! Here is another question in the same math homework:

Source: BBC News.

No wonder that American HS students don’t do math well. With homework questions like these in Junior High, they are well prepared on sex education for HS.



1. Edmark M. Law - January 13, 2017

Unfortunately, yhis isn’t a new thing. This is based on the “L. A. Math Test”, a piece of online humor that first appeared in 1993 and has been circulating the web ever since. The math questions in that “test” arw about murders, drugs, prostitution, etc. There have been several teachers who got in trouble for adapting and using these questions over the years.

And this one is from the Civil War Period…

.Sample questions from L. Johnson’s 1864 textbook Elementary Arithmetic Designed for Beginners, used in North Carolina during the Civil War:

A Confederate soldier captured 8 Yankees each day for 9 successive days; how many did he capture in all?

If one Confederate soldier kill 90 Yankees how many Yankees can 10 Confederate soldiers kill?

If one Confederate soldier can whip 7 Yankees, how many soldiers can whip 49 Yankees?

Students were also asked to imagine rolling cannonballs out of their bedrooms and dividing Confederate soldiers into squads and companies.


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