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TrumpCare or ObamaCare, it’s the same old crap January 2, 2017

Posted by hslu in Obamacare.

TrumpCare, if there is one, may be better than ObamaCare, but these government subsidied programs are nothing but a stab to the back of American tax payers. 

Source: Fox News.

American middle class has paid enough taxes to support these wasteful programs, why can’t we just get rid of the ObamaCare and shrink the U.S. federal government instead?

ObamaCare is a product of a failed democratic process when Democrats completely dominated two branches of the U.S. government and none of the checks and balances worked. 

Republican Party was guity too because it was incompetent and worthless in its effort to stop the deceiving tactics used by the Democrats. 

It is no secret that inflation on medical costs in the U.S. runs much higher than CPI. Insurance company can’t make money off the ObamaCare. Premium can’t make up the difference. Who will come to the rescue? Government, of course. 

Let’s get rid of the ObamaCare and stop TrumpCare before it has a chance to make a name for itself. 

I am certain that Trump will like the program not because it is a good one but because he just like to hear his name.



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