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Lobbyist 吃香喝辣                               蔡英文 called Trump December 21, 2016

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Lobbying in Washington, D.C. is a lucrative, multi-billion dollar business. There are at least 10,000 registered lobbyists in D.C. Most lobbyists are former president, wife of former president, former government bureaucrates, former Congressmen, former Congresswomen, former Senators, former committee chairpersons, former government contractors, former U.S. ambassadors, former U.S. ambassadors from foreign countries and people with connections to government officials of foreign countries. 

The common denominator of this kind of people is that they have connections in U.S. government agencies. They know people at high places. They know people with power. They are on the first name basis with decision makers in the U.S. government. 

In short, these people have “guanxi”, or 有關係 in Chinese. 

You see, Americans do “guanxi” just like people in other countries do. If you want something done with respect to the U.S. government but you don’t know where the White House is or you can’t tell between the WH and U.S. Capitol, you pay a lobbyist to get it done for you. Let the “professional” handle it. They know whom to call. They know which string to pull. 

America does guanxi just as good, if not better, as people in other countries do. The only difference is that U.S. Congress has passed laws governing lobbyists’s activities. In other words, it is perfectly okay to do guanxi with the U.S. government and us (members of U.S. Congress) as long as you register with the governing body and follow the laws.

Lobbyists’ job is making their clients’ cases to relevant U.S. government officials: 435 House Representatives, 100 Senators, countless bureaucrates in every department of the U.S. federal government. They make their livings by talking to important people in the government, eating breakfast, lunch or dinner with government officials, making political contributions to influential decision makers in the U.S. government such as committee and sub-committee chairpersons and members and having a drink or two with people working on drafting laws that will impact your clients’ interests.

Bob Dole used to be a U.S.Senator from the state of Kansas. He was Senate Republican Leader for 11 years and was Republican presidential nominee in 1996. After lossing the presidential race to Clinton, he retired from Senate, stayed in Washington D.C., called himself a lobbyist and start using guanxi to make big money.

Well, a $4 million payday is big money on anyone’s book. Dole also made a name for himself by acting as the go-between to 蔡英文 and Trump.

This illustrates the power of special interest groups at its best: If you want something done in Washington D.C., you pay a lobbyist firm to make your case. These people work behind the scene, make the necessary connections for you and deliver results. The more you pay, the chance of getting what you want increases.

Make long story short (廢話少說,有屁快放也), 民進黨 ‘s office on Wisconsin Blvd. just inside the D.C./Maryland border pulled a really big one against China. It paid Dole handsomely and Dole didn’t disappoint. 



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