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Obama is to blame for the rise of terrors in the world December 20, 2016

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As the leader of the Democrat Party, Obama, with Hillary’s assistance, is also responsible for its demise.

It is regretable that I see a parallel between Obama and 馬英九.

Both men were in the office for eight years. 

Both men were dealt a difficult task to revive their stagnant domestic economies which were severely damaged by the Great Recession.

Both men had to face unfriendly, in 馬英九’s case, hostile, oppositions during their terms.  

Both men ran their respective party to the ground which was then thoroughly decimated by the opposition party.

Both men have caused unrepairable division within their respective country; racial discrimination in the U.S. and ethnic hatred in Taiwan.

Both men appeared incompetent while in the office because they were afraid of or incapable of making tough decisions.

Both men left a legacy which will be downright ugly and will stay with them in infamy. 

Obama’s legacy: failed Obamacare, a disastrous Libya, rise of the ISIS, Middle East immigrants in Europe, terror activities worldwide, the infamous red line in the sand, loser of a proxy war in Syria against Putin, thousands upon thousands dead civilians in Syria and a crippled Democrat Party.

馬英九’s legacy: a stagnant economy, failed “6-3-3” agenda, 22K, 9%, “我把你們當人看,” “那你需要再多吃一個便當,” “讓我講完再救好不好,” 馬習會 and a decimated and irrelevant 國民黨.


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