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“It is a piece of art”  December 9, 2016

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according to one councilwoman who approved the boondoggle but it is actually a giant waste of tax money even though it sure has made a few fools out of some green people who voted for the spires in the first place. 

Source: Fox News

Source: Peninsula Daily News

Didn’t they ask for the facts before voting to spend other people’s money?
Just wait and see, in a few years, those beautiful spires will be a pile of junk rusting in the wind. That will be indeed a piece of art for sure. 

But, we all know someone struck it rich on those turbines for sure. 

May be it is time to kill government subsidies on wind energy because if it couldn’t make it on its own when oil was at $100+ per barrel, it will never make it by itself when shale gas is so abundant and so cheap. 

U.S. government subsidies to various energy industries.

Source: Fox News.

And while we are at it, let’s get rid of subsidies to ethanols too.

Ethanol in the U.S. epitomizes crony capitalism because senators and congressmen from the corn producing states wanted it. They used our tax money to benefit a selected few in their districts and states. They bring the bacon home so that they can keep their seats year after year.

May be you don’t realize this:

About 40% of corn produced in the U.S. goes to your tanks every year. That’s a lot of corns.

Ethanols generates fewer miles per gallon than gasoline does. Ethanols could harm your car engine, especially if EPA has its way to increase the stuff we put in our cars beyond the current 90/10 gasoline/ethanol blend. 

In addition, ethanol is bad for the environment after taking into account the full cycle energy requirement to change corns into ethanols: planting, fertilizing, irrigating, harvesting, transporting, refining, disposing and blending,  not to mention converting acres of grass land into miles and miles of corn fields.



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