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What will Japanese think December 7, 2016

Posted by hslu in Economics, jobs, Trump.
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You might not know the guy standing next to Trump but I am sure most Japanese do.

His name is Masayoshi Son  and he is a Korean-Japanese businessman who runs SoftBank and owns 7% of Yahoo, most of Sprint and some Alibaba, among other businesses.
He is in the news because of this:

You might think the headline sounds great for America but what will Japanese think? 

How come Masa (that’s how Trump calls him) isn’t investing $50 billion in Japan and creating 50,000 new Japanese jobs? 
Japan is mired in a recessionary economy for decades despite repeated fiscal stimulus from the government, a huge deficit for years, a national debt so large that Japanese people will never be able to payoff and a negative interest rate for years to come?

Doesn’t Japan need Masa’s $50 billion investment more so than the U.S. does?

 Doesn’t Japanese have more ‘宅男’ who can’t or won’t find a job? 

Didn’t Masa make most of his fortunes on the backs of the Japanese people?

Shouldn’t Masa pay something back to the Japanese soceity first before moving his capital out of Japan and into the U.S.?

Are there any behind-the-door deals between Trump and Masa that we don’t know of? 

Is it another example of crony capitalism that Trump seems to be very good at?

Or is it because it is easier to make money in the U.S. than in Japan?

We will see how things play out after Trump is in the WH.



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