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Sour grapes November 23, 2016

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​”New York hates you!” was one nasty message which greeted Trump when he cast his ballot at a polling place in Manhattan on the election day 2 weeks ago. 

In fact, New Yorkers overwhelmingly; we are talking about 79%, baby, voted for Hillary. And almost 90% of eligible voters in Manhattan wanted Hillary to be their next president. 

Why are New Yorkers so hostile to Trump? 

Well, for whatever reason(s,) she lost a very winnable race to Trump. People in Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennslyvania rejected her. 

America has never had a pseudo conservative billionaire in the WH but they will in about 60 days. Too bad for most New Yorkers because they will be angrily eating sour grapes for the next four years and two months.

Well, NYC is de facto the most liberal city in the United States. It was, therefore, not surprising that they wanted two greedy, lie through their teeth and they-think-they-are-above-the-law liberals in the HW. 

Although I am not a New Yorker, I have paid enough tolls to get there from Virginia; paid enough parking fees and traffic fines once I was there, paid more than an ordinary VA residence’s share of ridiculously expensive meals in NYC, I want to think that I know a little bit about NYC. 

Hmmm…, wait a minute, come to think of it, there were Broadway shows, Radio City Christmas Spectacular, Statue of Libery, Empire State building, the boring I-coulsn’t-see-anything ball drop, Central Park, Fifth Avenue, Time Square, Rockefeller Center around Christmas, Wall Street, Battery Park, Brooklyn Bridge, NYC Subway, Grand Central Terminal, Coney Island, East Village, Columbia University, NYU, Union Square farmers market, Chelsea, Tribeca, Greenwich Village, the Upper East Side, MOMA, NY Stock Exchange, the Charging Bull, World Trade Center before 9/11, ground zero, the West side, Houston Street, George Washington Bridge, Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, United Nations, Flushing, Chinatown, Korean Town, little Italy, little Tokyo, etc. 

In any case, a little more info first on my pocket and NYC: on average, it cost me about $40 in toll each way from VA to NYC. I drove a 4Runner which gave me 17 to 18 miles for each gallon of gas. VA is about 245 miles to NYC. Parking in Manhattan each night was $45. If I took my car to a restaurant around Manhattan, parking fee was $30 for the first two hours. 

So, why the hostility towards Trump? 

NYC has five boroughs: Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Trump took Staten Island because SI is a blue collar community. No surprise here.

People living in The Bronx are predominantly blacks and Latinos. They vote Democrat. Any democrat. They do not like Trump.

Blacks and Latinos made up more than 50% of Brooklyn’s population according to 2012 data. The median age for Brooklyn was only 33 years. They were in general very poor: median income for households was $32,135 and roughly 25% of the population were living below the poverty line. These people depend on government’s social welfare benefits. They don’t like Republicans and they hate Trump even more, even though Repunlican establishment despised Trump. 

Queens is a racially diverdified community: about half of its population were foreign born. Of those, about 50% were born in Latin American. About 10% of Queens’ population are Asians. Trump wanted to build a wall along the America-Mexico border. Before the walk finishes, Trumo wants to deport 11 million illegal immigrants. They fear a Trump presidency because they want to stay in America. They like Obama 2nd: Hillary because they see an amenesty coming under Hillary. Will they vote Trump? 

Hell.no. They have always voted Democrats anyway.

It brings us to Manhattan where a doctor’s annual income of $300,000 only makes him or her squeeze by the gate of middle income class. A 1,000 sq ft condo on upper east or upper west side will cost you a cool $1.5 million. And that kind of money doesn’t buy a view. Rent for a 700-sq ft apartment here will set you back $6,000 a month. 

There are several kinds of people living in Manhattan:

1. Filthy rich and senile. Most likely inheritted his or her wealth. Owns properties in NYC. Has a dog but May even owns a condo or two in properties developed by Trump such as Trump Tower. Have their names on hospital or museum buildings. Makes his or her living through rental income, stocks dividends and bond interests. Has more money than he or she will ever need. These type of people vote Democrats. They don’t pay taxes anyway because they have CPAs to reduce their income taxes. They firmly believe that they belong to a higher class and the lower class people are here to serve them. I once was scolded by an old lady behind me on NYC’s upper east side because I walked too slowly and was in her way.

2. Rich and young but work like a dog for Goldman Sachs, hedge funds, banks and Fortune 500 companies. They are liberals in hearts because they were taught by liberal teachers in high schools and liberal professors in Harvard or other Ivy league schools. They make very good money but spend a lot too. They use Uber and shop at Wholefood. They tip their doorman regularly. 

3. Freelancers who make their living off people in groups 1 and 2: taxi drivers, waitets, waitresses, bartenders, Broadway show performers, store clerks, dog runners, cat sitters, etc. They also work for foreign dignitaries and tourists. They like tax and spend democrats. They vote the same way.

4. People depend on government handouts. NYC has one of the highest tax rate in the U.S. and Democrats will keep the cash coming. Trump might not.

Do you see any conservatives or Republicans in any of the four categories list above?

Probably not.

That’s why Trump was, is and probably will be hated by New Yorkers.



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