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Obama: a failed president November 10, 2016

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Performance of Obama over the years:

Positions held by Democrats while Obama was/is the party leader:

Obama foreign policy achievements:

1.   Red line in the sand: 

Drawn by Obama: Two

Crossed by adversaries: Two

2.   Countries hostile to the U.S.:

2008: Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea

2016: Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea, Russia, China, Iraq, Israel, Saudi Ariba, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Yeman, Phillippines, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela

3.   Country hostile to the U.S. in 2008 but friendly in 2016: 


Notable domestic accomplishments


Notable domestic policy disaster: 


Nation Debt:

1/20/2009: $10.6 trillion

11/11/2016: $19.8 trillion

1/19/2017: $20 trillion (estimate)

Police killing:

2008: few

2016: seems happening every week.

Grade of Obama: 

As a world leader:F

As a president: You decide.

As the Democratic Party leader: F


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