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It’s almost over November 9, 2016

Posted by hslu in Election, Liberal Media, Obama, Politics, US Government.
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And Trump is getting pretty close to be the next American president.

You might wonder why this is happening. 

It is very simple: 

1. American’s middle income class is scared. Their numbers are shrinking and their pockets (taxes paid at all levels of governments) have been squeezed dry by Obama and the Democrats. They are tired of supporting those not-too-productive people whose votes have been bought by social wellfare programs initiated by politicians.

2. American’s white males, and some white females, are scared. They have been pressured by the encrochments from the minority groups and illegal immigrants. They feel that their identies have been lost.

3. Conservative American are scared. Their traditional values have been invaded by liberal media and liberal politicians from the Democratic Party. PC is the norm and conservative has become a dirty word.

4. American’s blue collar workers are scared. Globalization is great for top management of the international companies. They are well compensated with big salaries and hefty bonuses. It is terrible for common Americans who are facing stiff competitions from hard (longer hours and equally qualified) working labor force in foreign countries. Globalization is a great equalizer which puts pressure on salary growth on American labor force in many fields.

5. The working class is scared. Their wages have been stagnant for years if not decades. Their jobs are being replaced by workers in foreign countries and robots. Greedy business owners want higher profits and have little regards for their workers welfare.

6. Some Americans are scared. They do not think Hillary is trustworthy who lied about bullets, Benghazi, emails and her feeling about Bill.

7. More than 50% Americans are scared. They are afraid that America will have two presidents, both are liars, in the White House.



1. Success Inspirers' World - November 9, 2016

Thanks for your analysis.


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