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RT, WikiLeaks & Hillary November 5, 2016

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Many peoole in America do not know what foreign media says about the U.S.

They might want to watch RT sometimes.

For instance, RT just published an interview of WikiLeaks’s Julian Assange by Australian journalist and document maker John Pilger.

This is what Wikipedia says about RT:

RT, originally Russia Today, is a television network funded by the Russian government. It operates cable and satellite television channels directed to audiences outside of Russia as well as providing Internet content in various languages, including Russian.”

You might want to say that RT is Russia’s version of U.S.’s Voice of America.

My wife and I came to Beijing for a few days for fun but ended up catching cold the next day after we got here. Instead of strolling 王府井大街 after dinner at APM, we had to rush back to the hotel and watch TV.

The TV monitor is not big. The screen is snowing. But one program is quite interesting.

It is an interview of Julian Assange, the famous editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks, by an Australian journalist, John Pilger.

You can find the interview on line if you google RT and Assange.

He is hated by Hillary and wanted by FBI. He has been in hiding in the Embassy of Ecuador in London since August 2012. 

John Pilger

Moving $$$ from one party to the other party.

History will show that the European Immigrant crisis and the mess in Middle East and Africa are rooted in the demise of Gaddafi and the destruction of Libya. Don’t forget Hillary’s roll in Benghazi. No one is being held responsible for the death of 4 Americans yet. All the inestigations by the Congress has led to no where. American politics.

To the establishments in The Republican and the Democrats parties. Trump is not allowed to win. If Trump wins the presidency, money used to go to the establishments will be gone to the others. 肥水不流外人田也。That’s why Trump can’t win. Sometimes, it is easy if you just follow where the money goes.

Just a friendly reminder that RT may be a little biased. Also. you might wanted to know that both Julian Assange and John Pilger are Australians. You read. You decide.

Read the transcript. It is quite interesting.

The transcript of the interview is included too.

BTW, what else will be coming out of WikiLeaks before next Tuesday?



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