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Taco in Shanghai? October 23, 2016

Posted by hslu in China, Food, Restaurants, Shanghai, 浦東.
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Tacos are coming! Tacos are coming!

Yes, you heard it first here: Taco Bell is coming to Lujiazui.

“Live mas!” instead of “Think Outside The Bun.” Good luck.

No kidding.

This big new TB restaurant will be right by Exit 2 of Lujiazui Metro Station of Line 2 in Pudong.

Thousands of people come to Lujiazui everyday via Metro Line 2 and Taco Bell will be right there to welcome everyone.

I just don’t know how many people will stop by and see what a taco is. Most people will probably just walk right by and take a peek of what’s inside.

Will Taco Bell modify its menu to lure Chinese.customers to its flagship store? Will there be pork tacos instead of the regular beef taco? Will TB offer free chips? Will TB offer french fries? I wonder what kind of marketing and taste-tests will TB do before opening this store? Will this store be the first one TB opens in China.

Pizza Hut is doing well in some areas of Shanghai. Papa John’s isn’t. KFC is doing great in many restaursnts in Pudong and Shanghai probably because chicken is well liked by Chinese people and eating deep fried chicken; crust, fat and juicy dark meat, makes people satisfied.

Taco? I doubt it. Just like Home Depot which backed out of China after a few years.of losing big in China.

But, TB has to try even though I don’t think it has a prayer.

Chiptole will do great in China.



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