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Flea Market, Chamtime October 23, 2016

Posted by hslu in China, Shanghai.
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I wasn’t feeling well yesterday so that we didn’t come here last night. It rained very hard too. Of course, we didn’t make our goal of walking 12,000 steps a day yesterday.

Although it contiunes to rain and rained ptetty hard today, we decided to resume walking and make up what we didn’t do yesterday.


More social activities at Chamtime this weekend: a flea market benefiting local children’s organizations and a Mercedes-Benz new and used car sales event.

This silver-colored Benz is a 2016 model: E400L. Listing price is ¥867,968。Sale price: ¥538,000。Mileage count is 119 KM but the buyer has to get its own tag from the city of Shanghai. The going rate for a Shangai car tag is, I heard, a whopping ¥120,000。





太太也去湊熱鬧,看了看買了個不知道是什麼造幣場做的 1 oz. 銀幣。我看她是買貴了。她還得意的很呢!襯衫沒有我的尺碼,也就算了。再說,我也不需要東西。



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