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Jojoba Spa, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia October 1, 2016

Posted by hslu in China.

It was a tough 90 minutes to take. For me, at lesst. Of course, I am talking about the whole body (completely naked except covered by a big towel) message treatment on my body by a young Malaysian woman.

One of the stops of our Kuala Lumpur tour was an 100-minute message session at Jojoba Spa where we were treated with foot message, full-body message, hot stones on our backs and an upper body oil (supposely very expensive) rub near the end. She said that I should keep the oil on my body for hours before washing it off.

We also got our ears cleaned using a 6″ paper straw. The straw was inserted into our ear holes, one at a time, of course. The upper end of the straw was then burned and kept it lit for about 5 minutes. Later, our message lady showed us how dirty our ears were indicated by a brown-colored ring just below the burn line. The dirtier my ear was, the wider the ring was. This was definitely a first for us.

We were in a dim-lit room, about 15′ by 20′, on two separate message tables. My wife was 5 feet away from me. Without her by my side, I would be very umcomfortable to be in a room with other men or in a room alone with the message lady.

For a better part of 20 minutes, the young Malay lady worked on me real good: pressing hard on the back of my legs, my back, my arms and my feet. It was hard work for her as it was for me. It was real pain at times but I was too embaressed to scream or ask for a lighter treatment because my wife seemed to enjoy it very much.

People told me that message is good for my aching body. But everytime when I was on a message table, eight times so far, I felt timid while being worked on. After the session, I felt relieved because it wa finally over. And, you know what, my body aches more than when I came here.



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