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Buffet, Revolving Tower, Kuala Lumpa October 1, 2016

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Buffet lunch at the revolving rrstaurant up on the TV towel in Kuala Lumpa was probably the best meal I had in Kuala Lumpus. All other meals were disappointments for various reasons: too many Malaysian or Indian dishes, too many flies, broken plates, crowded dinning halls, dirty dinning halls, mouse, messy floor and simply bad cooking.

The setting here was nice, the plates were clean, the food was fresh, the selections were many, the tastes were better than okay, the ptedentation was stunning but the view of the city from 924 feet above the ground was just okay because the sky was covered by smoke drifted to Kuala Lumpus from burning fields in Indonesia. It happens every year around August. 

We.had an hour and ten mimutes to eat our lunch becsuse we had more stops to make on the third day of our 5-day Malaysia tour. 

At the.entrance of the TV towel.

This was reserved by a Muslim family apparently for a special occasion.

This was still fancier than our setting. Tour groups got the basic treatment. All tour groups were sitting at one section away from regular tourists who paid regular price to eat here.



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