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浦東張江啤酒節 September 9, 2016

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It was a warm and humid Friday night when my wife dragged me out of our apartment to fulfill our ‘un-official’ and belated resolution: walk 10,000 steps every day.

When we lived in Virginia, we rarely walked on a regular basis because it was simply not practical. Everywhere we went, we just hopped into our car and drove there: work, picking up grocery, eating out, visiting friends and shopping. Public transportation was not convenient at all: buses weren’t frequent enough to rely on, subway stations in many areas were too far apart and only a small area of the region could be reached by the subway system. Walking in the evening or during the weekend around our neighborhood became the only form of exercise when we could find some time to do it.

Shanghai is different in many ways. The vast majority of the 23 million people who live here rely on public transportation: city buses, local buses provided by shopping centers and a convenient and ever expanding subway system. Since we do not own a car and have no plan to ever get one, subway becomes our primary means to get around the city. We use taxi when it is too far to walk or when we are too tired to walk that last mile. Of course, we will take taxi when the subway is not operating after 11:30 pm in the evening.
When we arrived at the Huizhi Shopping Mall, we found ourselve walked into a beer festival completed with beer, food stalls, several stands selling discount clothes and a live band playing on stage.

We were delighted to immense ourselves into the festivity, listen to the band but skip the beer and food. Various bands played the entire evening and the bands were still playing after the shopping center closed at 10 pm.

We had a good time after we made our goal and came back the next day for more.



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