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The ‘World Order’ is no more July 29, 2016

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DC think tank(s.) The White House. The Department of Defense. The Department of State. The CIA. The FBI. The HSA. The Federal Reserve and its regional banks. The Wall Street. The liberal media. And, last but not the least, the Hollywood.

These are the major players in the United States which have established ‘The World Order‘ as we have known for the past 70 years.

Their sidekicks are IMF, The World Bank. The Asian Development Bank. Saudi Arabia. The EU. And the United Nation.

For a while, about 4 years, give or tske a few months, the American independent shale frackers tried to wrestle the control of crude oil market away from the major Middle East oil producers and Russia. They had their moments. But, they failed miserablly. 

The ‘World Order’ that every countries in the world have suffered for so long is no more. The ‘World Order’ which has carefully cultivated by the U.S. has begun to crumble from its root: the enormous U.S. national debt, the ever increasing personal debt, the hatred towards America from some people in the world, the safety of its people, the wealth gap, the great revession and the slow death of its industrial and manufacture sectors. The booming sectors, such as high tech, are great for some and for the GDP. But they only benefit a few. And many of them come from foreign countries.

Slowly, America is losing its long term allies. Egypt, Saudi, Turkey and many South American countries come to mind. Even England moved against the U.S. olicy in some areas of the world afair. American foreign policies are not producing what it were indended to achieve. ‘Nations Building’ efforts have become sink holes of American tax money with disastrous outcomes. The American military machine has wasted trillion of tax money with nothing to show for, except 10 aircraft carriers saling around the world for the sack of projecting the mighty American power to its enemies. Terror attacks have wrecked havoc to the stability of Americans’ daily lives. . The discremination against blacks and Muslims are threatening to tear the society from the inside out. Entitlement and welfare benefits have become a financial burden to people who pay into the federal income tax system.

America is, nonetheless, picking up new fights first against Russia and then China; dubbed the ‘New Cold War’ (by me) which forces these two nations to become economical and military allies against a common enemy, namely the U.S.

Now this (South China Sea arbitration) came along on July 12, 2016 but it didn’t produce the desired outcome for Phillippines. It made Phillippines realized that it has been played by the American foreign policy machine all along.

Source: 多維新聞網頁

America’s decline has begun. The ‘World Order’ established by America and its benefits, such as U.S. dollar being the world’s reserve currency, are slowly fading away.

No one knows the outcome and no one knows the timing of existing ‘World Order’s’ demise.

Many people are watching. I am too.



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