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豈止妃子笑,連太后都忍不住了 June 26, 2016

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I first saw Auchan(歐尚)was when we were on our way to Sugar Land, a suburb southwest of Houston, from Dallas 20 or 25 years ago. The big
box store was located at the intersection of Sam Houston Tollway and U.S. 59.

I visited it a few times while in Houston because it really didn’t provide us with things we couldn’t get from other stores. But, I still remember its unique logo, a red bird with a green outline over a capital A.


It really surprised me when I saw it again three years ago on a new building about half a mile away from my apartment in Pudong, Shanghai. Auchan chose zhang Jiang,Pudong (浦東張江) as its first stop to enter the Chinese market because of the potential of purchasing power from people who work at Zhang Jiang Technology Park (張江科技園區).

Auchan is a well-stocked, low-cost department store. It also has a grocery store. We bought some lizhi (荔枝,學名:Litchi chinensis)the other day and I was intriqued by its brand: 妃子笑荔枝。


Why was it called 妃子笑, I wonder?Well, I found it out real fast after I took a bite of a 妃子笑. It was fresh, sweet, juicy and so easy to peel. But the real kicker was it had a tiny pit, the smallest I have ever seen.


Now I know. Not only 妃子 will smile, the queen will to.


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