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Need more choices June 12, 2016

Posted by hslu in Election, Social Issues.
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When I fist came to the land of the free, life in the U.S. of A. used to be quite simple. TI calculators ruled the engineering building. No personal computers. No video games. No cellphones. Some drugs in college campus where I studied. People in general were conservative in their social believes.

For instance, when it came to choose one’s sex, we had two boxes to choose from: male or female. Nothing complicated here. You looked down and you made your choice. And that was it.

Fast forward to present day, determining a person’s gender, a judge’s ruling may be required in some states in the land of the truly free.


Here is an example of what you might face when you are asked about your gender:

Sex: please choose one or more from the following:



。Non-binary (Oregon only)

。Somewhere in between

。Sometimes male

。Sometimes female

。It all depends on how I feel


。Gender non-conforming 

。Don’t know


Image result for gender symbols

Source: https://www.shutterstock.com/search/male+symbol


This is the way liberals wanted to run the United States and they almost got it under Obama who is definitely the most liberal U.S. president ever. I for one am glad that his reign is almost over.

Well, without him pushing America to such an extreme liberal state over the past 8 years, white Americans won’t be so afraid to revolt against the establishment in 2016 presidential election.

It is too bad that once the LBGT genie is out of the bottle, the war played out over the past several decades between the liberals and conservatives has already won by the liberals.



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