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Just terrible in Fort McMurray May 5, 2016

Posted by hslu in Life, Oil.
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My heart goes out to the people of Fort McMurray who have been evacuated due to a ragging wild fire going through the middle of the town. The entire population of Fort McMurray, about 80,000, have been ordered to leave. The fire has consumed 1,600+ structures in the city and the damage could be in the billions.




Fort McMurray was a small oil sand town when I visited it in the late 1980’s while working in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Heavy oil is in my blood and oil sand has a special place in my heart because, except a two year period, I have worked on heavy oil and oil sand all my career.

I, along with a colleague from our Canadian branch, used to peddle a small boat up and down the Athabasca River near Fort McMurray to learn the unique geological features of the oil sand outcrops.

Well, memory from the good old days has faded away but the news of the terrible destruction to Fort McMurray reminded me of the happy days my family spent in Canada.

Time flies and too bad it only goes in one direction.


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