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You just wait. It’ll go higher April 18, 2016

Posted by hslu in Congress, Health Insurance, Liberal Media, Obama, Obamacare.
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The cost to you and I will go up and it will go up even more later. There is simply no other way.


I am not surprised. Are you?

Obama and Democrats lied to the Americans with faulty math but the low information voterstook the bait and this is what we get.

Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid promised Americans that ACA will be budget neutral in the first 10 years and achieve savings longer term.

They said that ACA will:

Lower Insurance premium,
Allow you to keep your doctor,
Let you keep your Insurance company,
Be more efficiency,
Be more competitive in the market place, and
Provide better care.

Unfortunately, none of this is true.

When you are paying more for your health insurance, can you sue Obama, Pelosi and Reid for compensation because they lied to Americans?


Can you sue Republican leaders for damage because they were incompetent to defend tax payers’ rights?


You just have to eat it and watch national debt go up and up with no end in sight.



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