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佔中,魚蛋和自由市場 February 10, 2016

Posted by hslu in Economics, Taiwan.
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One of the reasons I guessed Ka-shing Li 李嘉誠 moved some of his investments away from Hong Kong was probably because he saw a deterioration of business environment in Hong  Kong after the Occupy Central movement: [佔領中環.]

The riot [魚蛋暴動]happened in Kowloon’s Mong Kok District(旺角)will no doubt make doing business in Hong Kong more difficult.

Did Ka-shing Li 李嘉誠 saw something in the [佔領中環]Democratic movement which he believed was a threat to his empire?

Did it ring a bell in his ears as the Hong Kong government lost control in that situation? 

Similar situation happened in Taiwan after students occupied the legislation department and later in a separate event the education department in Taipei.

Do foreign companies operating in Taiwan view these events as warning signs for their businesses?

Will foreign companies think twice before commit additional capitals for expansions in Taiwan because of these riots?

Will foreign companies withdraw pending projects from Taiwan because these events are threats to their investments?

Is free market still free?



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