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Galaxy Casino, Macau January 25, 2016

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It must have been more than 10 years ago when we visited Macau for the first time. We stayed at Venetian and had a good time then. However, I didn’t like Macau back then because there weren’t too many casinos and Macau was no Las Vegas in terms of types of table games and the vibe. In addition, those casinos were further apart; not like Las Vegas Strip where so many casinos are within walking distance.

We all knew that, in the 21st century, Macau has gone through a complete transformation with many world class casinos; Sands, Galaxy, Wynn, Grand Lisboa, MGM Macau, etc., calling Macau home and the gambling revenue at Macau was several times that of Las Vegas.

This time, we stayed at Galaxy because it was big, had more slot machines, had nice restaurants and looked so much more beautiful than all other casinos.


There is a special area off the main entrance just for the big spenders.


There are three buikdings just like this. Very majestic. Very beautiful.


There is no price tag for these golden statues.


I am not sure that we have visited all areas of this beautiful casino.


The buildings change colors in the night.




Beautiful interior like this are everywhere。


Off the main entrance is this area where one can take shuttle buses to other casinos and other areas of Macau。The wait time is no more than 20 minutes。


This is the entrance of one of the buildings。Not sure where the main entrance is。


Look at that majestic chandeliers。

20151029_191942 20151029_192536 20151029_195717 20151029_195725 20151029_195806 20151029_201000 20151029_201017 20151029_201111 20151029_225237 20151029_225610 20151030_091855 20151030_091905 20151030_092335 20151030_092400 20151030_092418

Once we checked in and settled down, we walked around the huge complex, admired the beautiful interior of this modern casino and checked out different restaurants spreading out at various locations inside the casino.

20151030_115927 20151030_120537 20151030_120652 20151030_121257


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