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America: paper tiger of the 21 century December 26, 2015

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Regime change has been a very important foreign policy goal for the United States.

If a foreign government becomes a friend of one of America’s enemies, it automatically becomes a target of regime change for CIA. Once the undesirable foreign government is toppled, nation’s building phase using American tax money officially starts.

The following countries have all suffered from regime changes in the hands of CIA and American soldiers in the past: Korea, Iran, Lebanon, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Kuwait, Iraq, Guatemala, Indonesia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Dominican Republic, China, South Vietnam, Philippines, Brazil, Chile, Afghanistan, Turkey, Poland, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Somalia, Syria, Haiti, Bosnian, Sudan, Albanians, Yugoslavia, Pakistan, Yemen, Colombia and Libya.

The major players were CIA, State Department, Secretary of State, ambassadors to foreign countries, foreign embassy attaché, anti government activists in the US, anti government groups in the US, opposition party leaders, weapons dealers, foreign governments, international drug dealers, money transfer units of major banks, media, organizational crime groups and cyber attack units.

The weapons of choices are: money, drugs, radio programs, TV shows, guns, cannons, anti tank rockets, helicopters, fighters jets, bombers, Tomahawk cruise missiles, special op forces, aircraft carriers and American troops.

For years, America sometimes did it overtly but most regime change operations were done covertly. America did it routinely under the auspices of American national security and national interests.

However, U.S. seldom acknowledged such operations existed let alone admitted it openly to the media.

Well, John Kerry didn’t follow the script and seemingly on 12-15-2015 admitted that regime change has always been America’s policy in Syria since the beginning.

And John said it After he had a meeting with Putin in Moscow.

Here was what Kerry said to the media:

“The United States and our partners are not seeking so-called regime change,” in Syria.

For years, Obama and other US officials have insisted that al-Assad has to go. It changed after Putin sent in Russian troops, helicopters and fighter jets.

For the most part, the regimes which have been changed in the hands of the CIA were small and weak. With a few exceptions,  America basically rolled over them with little efforts.

When Putin stepped in with his guns blazing, Obama promptly backed down and asked Kerry to say that Assad can stay. For now. Kerry did add that Assad has to step down in the future. Just not now.

So what’s happening to the ones supported by the U.S. in its effort to replace Assad?

They are being killed by Putin’s soldiers because they mean nothing to the U.S.

Is it fair to say that America is the paper tiger of the 21 century?




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