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Peter Chang, Arlington VA December 18, 2015

Posted by hslu in Chinese Food, Restaurants.
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It was with great expectation that I went to this restaurant last Saturday. A few weeks ago, we wanted to have dinner there and called for a table while on our way over there, we were told that no table would be available until 2 hours later.


However, I came out disappointed because there wasn’t anything too special and most dishes weren’t very authentic to a Chinese like me. It may be okay for Americans but what we had that night pale in comparison to what we can have in Taiwan or Shanghai.


The only thing which grabbed my attention was the scallion bubble pancake. It tasted pretty good and it was quite unique because it puffed up like a good sized ball.

However, Peter Chang is not like other Chinese restaurants. The menu looks professional. The restaurant uses social media successfully. It sent me a text message a day before to confirm my reservation. Once I confirmed my reservation, it acknowledged instantly. The next day, it sent me a reminder and recommend a few dishes. The company is on all popular social sites which can’t be said for almost all other Chinese restaurants.

The restaurant is successfully managed. It is clean and crowded but our waitress isn’t very professional on the day we were there.

Since there were 8 of us, we ordered quite a few dishes to share.

We had:

Sesame pancake: it was as good as the ones we had at other restaurants which specilize in Northern Chinese food.



Scallion bubble pancake: a crowd pleaser and tasted good.


Chicken lettuce wrap: not good. A lot worse than the same dish at PF Chang’s.


Pork ribs soup in a ceramic pot: Better than average.


Shredded tofu skin: This was a Cold dish. The special hot sauce gave your palate a kick at the end.


Mapo tofu: Average. It wasn’t very hot (temperature wise)and lacked the numbing sensation found in the same dish from a few good Szechuan restaurants here.


Stir fried tofu with celery and bamboo shots: average.


Boneless whole fish: Some Cantonese restaurants in the region can make a much better sweet and sour fish dish than PC did that night.


Lion’s head: Above average. It has a few special spices in the meatballs which made PC’s Lion’s Head special.


Sliced Chicken with Chilli: ordinary.


Crispy beef in special sauce: ordinary.



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