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What has this society come down to? December 14, 2015

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The 66 year old Bruce Jenner used to be a he.

He was active in football, auto racing, and track and field. He had competed in decathlon representing the U.S. in 1976 Olympic Games and 1975 Pan American Game.

Bruce is a she now.

Obama called his coming out of closet ‘courage.’ I used to think courage is associated with rushing into a burning building to save a person trapped inside, jumping into freezing water to save a person or protect your fellow soldier with youer own life.

‘Courage’ is linked to ‘coming out of closet’ now.

A 52 year old man by the name of Wolscht who has married to a woman and had fathered 7 children is now calling himself a she. He then went over board and said that he is actually a 6 year old girl.

He added that he used to be 8 year old but grew younger now.

Dolezal used to be a black woman. She says that she is white. Dolezal contends her racial identity is genuine while not based on biology or ancestry. In November 2015, Dolezal said that she was born white.

Elizabeth Warren looks as white as a white person can be. She once called herself a native American. A Cherochee, in fact.

Jeb Bush, the younger brother of president G. W. Bush, accidentally claimed himself Hispanic.

America used to have transsexual only. It now has many transsexuals, transgenders, transracials and transagers. And who know what this once conservative nation, but getting more liberal by the day under Obama, has become to.

此乃:國之將亡 必有異象也。

Have you heard of transfat?



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