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Shamshiry, Vienna Northern Virginia December 5, 2015

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We knew of this restaurant many years ago: ever since the days when Oriental Gourmet (嘉賓) was still around more than 10 or even 15 years ago. I am not sure how long it has been at this location, across the street from Oriental Gourmet, but I knew every time we came for Peking Duck and good Jiangsu dishes at Oriental Gourmet, Shamshiry was busy and on Fridays or Saturdays there was more often than not a line stretching out to the street. Oriental Gourmet has changed hands several times and has gone out of business in 2008 but Shamshiry is still doing a brisk business. There must be something Shamshiry did right for it to survive through the 2008 financial crisis and thrive in the local economy.

Well, we had our chance to see for ourselves recently: our first time here in 15 years.

At the entrance of the restaurant, customers can see through a foggy window a small grill station where kabobs are prepared. A tandoor oven is used to bake Naan. The restaurant appears larger than it actually is because the wall in the back of the restaurant is covered with ceiling to floor mirrors. The decoration is simple with Persian decors through out the restaurant. We didn’t have a reservation on this Thursday night but we were able to get one of the two remaining empty tables.

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Huge portion and the green hot sauce was very hot.


cucumber with yogurt salad.


Chicken kabob with roasted tomato, onion and cucumber salad. Burned rice crust is a plus.



20151006_201605The menu is extensive and all dishes have clear description in English. We ordered the very basic chicken kabob meal to share, a cucumber salad, a traditional Persian yogurt drink and a dessert too. Of course, alcohol is not available here which is something I am not used to.  20151006_192622

The portion is huge and the crusty burned rice, we called it 鍋巴, is crunchy and great.

The dessert, Baklava, isn’t very sweet which was a surprise to me. Since I prefer sweeter ones, I only ate one piece and gave the other piece to my wife.

Shamshiry is very popular for a reason: fresh ingredients, huge portion, family atmosphere, warm service and great taste. I am sure it is authentic Persian too.

If you’ want great kabob and don’t mind having only water to drink, come to Shamshiry. Above it is very, VERY affordable.






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