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Our wait has paid off nicely December 5, 2015

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The last time we were here was a few days before the end of October, 2014. Our flight out of Pudong was a few days later.

Two blocks from our apartment in Pudong and right across the street from 金科站 subway station was the site of a huge, new shopping center with a leisure and relaxed vibe, called 長泰. It has been under construction for more than two years and we have been patiently waiting for its arrival for that long. Actually, another smaller shopping center, called 匯智廣場, with a department store and supermarket called Auchan, started its construction about 6 months before but its completion date was still a few months away at the end of October 2014.

The reason I picked a community near 張江高科 in Pudong for our apartment was because 張江高科 was and still is a hotbed for many high tech companies even though the supporting infrastructure, such as restaurants, shops, movie theater and convenient stores, called 配套 by the locals, wasn’t there when we bought the apartment. There were no good restaurants at all. Several small restaurants at nearby strip malls catered mainly to taxi drivers and 9 to 5ers looking for a quick and cheap lunch. A small department store only a stone throw away from our apartment had cheap stuff for daily needs. When we wanted something good to eat, we went to 南京西路 or 靜安寺 in  (浦西) for a night out.

Since we didn’t have the need to buy stuff, no good department store wasn’t a big loss for us. But, we have been anticipating for the opening of these two shopping centers for a long time.

Unfortunately, 長泰廣場’s opening was delayed again and we missed its opening ceremony by about 2 weeks.

We usually visit Shanghai once every six months or so but this time around we didn’t come back until the middle of October 2015.

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Of course, we rushed over to 長泰廣場 and 匯智廣場 and we liked what we saw very much. Not all the spaces were rented out but the restaurants were all very busy, be it small restaurants in the food court or restaurants with white table cloth on the second or third floor. The shopping center has opened for nearly a year but there was still a sense of festivity in the air: a merry-go-around was crowded with kids over there, a 3-person band was playing at the plaza close to the subway station entrance, the center court was occupied by a business catering to kids who were old enough to jump up and down with a strap on their backs and one restaurant we wanted to go had a one hour wait list. The only problem we had was trying to find out where the restaurant we wanted to try was because it wasn’t easy to figure it out when it was dark and raining. Another potential problem was some stores weren’t very busy except the ones aiming at young parents who wanted to give their children what they could afford: cloth, sports activities, tutoring and private English lessons.


We tried three restaurants: 大飯堂,瓷憶 and 花隱。All three were nice restaurants and we liked   them all.

Unfortunately, my wife fell while going down stairs when a light rain was coming down on us. It interrupted our plan to try other restaurants the next day and we had to make an unscheduled trip, around 11 pm, to an emergency room of a local hospital not to far from the hotel in Pudong.

Well, we will have our chances the next time when we return to Pudong because there are probably 50 restaurants to choose from.




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