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Bank of China: The Bund, Shanghai November 30, 2015

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We walked pass Bank of China branch office on The Bund in Shanghai the other day and we decided to see what the inside of this solemn and authoritative building was like. The Bank of China building is one of the majestic buildings along the famous waterfront promenade on the west bank of the Huangpu River, commonly known as The Bund which was the major financial hub of East Asia in the 1920 and 1930’s.

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Once we got inside, we saw a guard standing at the far end of the long hall way. Several pictures of what Bank of China was like decades ago were on display way above our eye level. A few customers were taking care of their banking business but the long hall way appeared to be way bigger than the daily banking business required it to be.

Since I wasn’t here for any serious banking needs except to withdraw a few hundred dollars of Renminbi from an ATM, I took my Samsung smartphone out and started taking pictures. The guard didn’t mind my action probably because I acted like a tourist and I only aimed my camera at pictures below the ceiling.

Well, it was kind of fun taking a peek what BoC was like in one of the busiest commercial sections in Shanghai. Every time when I walked into a BoC branch office, I had a sense of seriousness because I knew the bank was owned by the government. On the other hand, I definitely had a different feeling when walked into a branch office of the Hang Seng Bank in Shanghai because it was a private bank and was owned by a foreign bank.





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