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引狼入室 November 18, 2015

Posted by hslu in Cold War, Congress, Debt and deficit, Economics, Election, Global Affair, Islam, Middle East, Military, Muslim, Obama, Putin, Racial Bias.
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The title of this post, which is in Chinese, means inviting wolf into the hen house.

What is this about?

Obaba’s foreign policy and his desire to abandon America’s role of the world police are largely responsible for the unrest in the Middle East, escalating civil war in Syria and the growing threat of ISIS to the world. Obama wants Arab countries solve their own problems and focus America’s attention on containing China and defeating Putin.

The fact of the matter is that Iran has taken advantage of the power vacuum and expanded its influence over its archrival in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia.

In the mean time, Obama’s indecisiveness on ISIS for the past 2 to 3 years has made ISIS the regional power it is now.

The direct result of this development is millions of Syrians fleeting their war-torn country seeking a stable and better life in Europe and other places. Obama has agreed to take 100,000 migrants and settle them in the US.

But, do we know how many of the 100,000 migrants are closet terrorists? How many of them have ill intentions on the US? How many of these migrants will be recruited by radical Imam in the US and in the world?And how many years will take them to strike soft targets in the US?

Many Republican and some Democrat governors have refused to take their allotments because they don’t want troubles down the road.

But, I read that the states have little alternative to refuse them legally. Looks like it will be a hot potato issue for the 2016 presidential election and we will know which side Hillary will be on pretty soon.

Diversity has been a strength of the United States for the past hundred years. Unfortunately it has been a point of contention in recent years.

Many years ago, black was the only sensitive racial issue in many American communities. Recent violent riots and sensitive killings by blacks on policemen on duty have bought the racial issue to the forefront of daily news. It has made Americans uneasy and neverous.

Latinos has gain considerable inflence on the politicsl landscape in recent decades and illegal immigrants, mostly Latinos, have dominated political debateS all over the nation.

Now, we have a new problem on hand and it relates to discrination against Muslims.

It appears that American governments, both on the federal and local level, are ill prepared to deal with these issues and the nation is being pulled away by radically different forces.

Americans have little confidence on its governments to solve many pressing issues: political, social, fiscaland economical.

The prospect looks dim.



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