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Buffet and Casino November 9, 2015

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Buffet seems to have become synonymous to casino because inevitably one will have a buffet when he or she visits a casino.

Some but not all people go through various stages when they decide what to eat at their favorite casinos; especially the ones with a better buffet:

1.   Plan: The first question people ask themselves is ‘shall I spend $8 on a burger and fries at the food court?’ I already lost a lot of money at slots and table games. It may be wise to be stingy on my dinner. There is no point to spend $30 or more, plus 10+% tax and fees, on a so so buffet.

2.   Decide: Hmmm.., what the heck, the extra $20 or $30 won’t make that much difference on my gambling loss. Why not treat myself with something decent for a change? Besides I am not doing buffet everyday anyway. It’s about time to treat myself with something good for a change. Buffet it is. I deserve one anyway. Eating will create the sense of satisfaction. Maybe it will give me some luck after a good meal.

3.   Anticipate: Dinner is still several hours away. I already skipped lunch. If I get hungry, I will have an apple or something. It will be enough to tie me over until 6:30. Besides, apple is good. It keeps my family doctor and those expensive specialists away. They charge me an arm and a leg just to let me walk into their office, wait for 45 minutes and allow them poke me around for 5 minutes.

4.   Survey: It’s 6:30 pm and I am in. You can’t come later than 6:30 pm because it takes about 2 hours to finish eating a buffet. If you come too late, you’ll risk having left over after 8 pm. The buffet costs me $42 plus about 20% on tax and fees. I need to devise an effective plan of attack before I pick up a plate.

I’ll start checking desserts first. Salad is here. Soups are close by. No bread for me. It’s too filling.  Meat and vegetables look good. Asian and Italian are okay but I won’t touch them. Buffet is the worst place to eat sushi. They use low quality ingredients. Rice is hard and dry. All those small rice balls fill you up faster than you can name the fish you put into you mouth. No one eats pasta here anyway even it is cooked on the spot. No good chef will cook pasta there. It’s like first year English or math at community college. Only teachers at the low end of the totem pole do it. The last area to check out is seafood. Not bad but I will have a little. I am eating with my 3Cs in mind.

But where shall I start: salad, soup or seafood?

5.    Enjoy: Let me start with salad w/o dressing so that I won’t feel too bad about downing so much food in such a short period of time. After all, I am here to have a good time and to make gambling loss easier to take. I am excited. I am fully prepared. I am ready. I can’t wait anymore. I am too hungry to think straight.

6.   Resting:    This is my fourth trip to the buffet line. I start to run out of food I like to fill up my plate because I already had all the food I like to eat. The others are either bad for my blood pressure, bad for my cholestrol, bad for my liver or bad for my blood sugar. But, I am not done yet even though my stomach tells me otherwise. Let me go over each station again and I am sure I will find something good for me and taste good.

I stll have yet to visit the dessert station which is saved for the last. Well, I’ll let my stomach rest for a while. After a a few moments, I will be a new person again capable of forming a new strategy again.

7.   Admit defeat: Well, this will be my final trip to the buffet line. All I have on my plate is a few pieces of vegetables and some fruit. I can’t have another bite anymore. I give up. I am defeated. I am not even close to eating what I have paid for. What can I do? I want more but I can’t. This is the end of line for me.

8.    Regret: Why did I come to buffet in the first place? Didn’t I swear that I won’t eat another buffet last time? Now I feel sick because I ate more than what I should. Where is Zantac when I need one. And what shall I do to get rid of the extra sugar, fat, cholestrol and calories in my body? This’s it. This would be my last buffet for sure. No more hurting myself any more.

9.    Forget: Time heals everything. My sense of regret has disappeared completely. Is it time to try my luck again?



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