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Hong Kong Airline, 香港航空 November 1, 2015

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This was my first time flying with Hong Kong Airline. We flew from Hong Kong to Taipei around 5:15 pm on a recent Friday and the air plane was packed with nearly every seat taken.

All flight attendants were young and nice looking. Most speaked Cantonese, Chinese and English. They were polite and personable. As we entered the airplane, we were offered local newspapers, WSJ and Asian business newspapers too.

The flight was supposed to be short: 1 hour and 45 minutes but we were late getting in Taipei because:

1.    All passengers were first packed into 2 huge transport buses,
2.    We were driven to a site far away from where the gate was; gate 512, and
3.    Then it took forever for everyone to board the air plane.

The flight was a routine one for everyone: no surprises except that each of us got a very small and super hot sweet bread stuffed with a piece of processed meat and a 4 oz cup of water. We were also offered coffee, green tea or water later on.


We got in Taipei at 7:20 pm, 20 minutes late.



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